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Snack Time II

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Grab yo’ self something tasty and a fine beverage and join us for a different vision for what radio pop might be with the Impound’s monthly contribution to sweeter, sweller virtual airwaves, which offers up new noteworthys (Ex Norwegian, Drug Rug), perennial pleasures (Sam Phillips, Kelley Stoltz, Luther Russell) and vintage charmers (The Kinks, double shot of The Monkees). We begin with one for the ladies (and certain boys, too)…

If you experience playback problems, pop over to the 8tracks mix page and it should play fine.

Snack Time II Track Listing

  1. All Men Are Liars – Nick Lowe
  2. Magic For Everybody – Sam Phillips
  3. Silver Gun – The Rosewood Thieves
  4. To Speak To The Girl – Kelley Stoltz
  5. Little Miss Queen of Darkness – The Kinks
  6. Sky Diving – Ex Norwegian
  7. Smile Away – Paul McCartney
  8. Darling It Hurts – Paul Kelly
  9. Cheap Umbrellas – The Golden Dogs
  10. Bottomless Cup – The Jayhawks
  11. You Told Me – The Monkees
  12. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) – The Monkees
  13. It’s So Hard – The Minders
  14. Blue Moon – Drug Rug
  15. Frontage Road – Johnny Irion
  16. Old Brown Shoe – The Beatles
  17. Ain’t Frightening Me – Luther Russell
  18. Traces – Sloan
  19. Waterloo Sunset – Paul Bruntnell
  20. Raindrops on the Kitchen Floor – Mason Jennings