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We know quality hit-ya-in-your-gut rock ‘n’ roll when we hear it, and the recent Nasty, Brutish, And Short EP (released October 18 on Saddle Creek) from Pujol makes us shake our hair and shimmy around delightedly. The punchy energy and ear-snagging lyrics on all seven cuts carry one along breathlessly, a score ready made to stomp on the gas and sing loud as your tires eat asphalt and you wear a seated-dance groove in the driver’s seat. We’re down to hear more from this graduate student of global affairs who moonlights as a rocker. It’s a groovy combination – we can’t think of another new artist who’s married a Thomas Hobbes reference to music that’d do the young Kinks proud. Here’s the video for the opening track from Nasty, Brutish, And Short.