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As 2011 winds down, DI presents New Artist Week, where we’ll turn you on to seven new artists you really need to wrap your ears around. Our first suggestion comes from that other city by the Bay…

Oakland’s Hottub brachiates wildly through music’s monkey bars, scooping up delightful bits of beat smart weirdo art and flinging it with speedball zoom and deadly accuracy. Self-billed as “disco rap,” CoCo Machete, Jaysonik, Ambreezy, Funky Finger Mark and Lolipop are the ADD children of Paul’s Boutique Beasties, The Slits, LCD Soundsystem and the East Bay bedroom electronics scene. The noise they make is crucially funky, irrepressibly fun, and assembled with more care than their buckwildin’ persona would indicate – a sleight of hand that lets them play the fool only to be revealed groove music’s jesters in the end.

New EP

Bubbling under for the past few years, Hottub is set to release their long-awaited full-length debut next spring, but thankfully they’ve unleashed another EP this month entitled 3 The Hard Way (available on cassette and digitally directly from the band – email ‘em at HOTTUB.OAKLAND@GMAIL.COM), which gathers up two backfield instigators – “Shoot The Lights Out” and “Four Loko’s Only” – witnessed in videos this year and adds a blood warm instrumental that stretches the band’s borders pleasantly. The three female MCs throw down like wordsmiths possessed, squeezing nuts and making folks guffaw with their bouncing flow and clever, ballsy verses, and the music is lean yet enveloping, thick but well lubricated and ribbed for one’s pleasure. The EP references both a very tough dice throw and a classic blaxploitation flick, and both work as touchstones for Hottub, who eagerly devour pop culture and spit it back flecked with vivid new colors.

If you’re feeling what K.Flay, Spank Rock or Major Lazer is throwing down, or simply like dirty, ass slappin’ music to move to you need to explore this Oaktown winner. Hottub plays December 30th at the inaugural SnowGlobe Music Festival, and here’s a photo gallery from the band’s 2009 tour supporting The Ting Tings courtesy of San Francisco photographer Myleen Hollero, who hones in on Hottub’s unfettered spirit and bounteous joie de vivre. These shots tell you as much as any of the above words about who this band is and why you should be stripping down and buying them shots at their next show. However, boys should wear a cup, and girls should be prepared to feel like someone poured Pop Rocks into their estrogen stream.