We'll Do It Live

Anders Osborne & Luther Dickinson

12.08.11 | Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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We love this photo set because it totally captures the breathless energy of these serious motherfuckers putting their backs into it. Anyone who’s seen the Anders Osborne Trio knows how they make folks jitter and sweat – they are possessed of much mojo, of this there is no doubt. Toss in the so-good-it-hurts six-string pyrotechnics of the North Mississippi All-Stars’ Luther Dickinson and one suspects a few folks fainted at The Bottling Company – this kind of high-octane, grime-smudged blues rock can steal a person’s breath. Mississippi Shakedown opened the night, and just based on that DI checked out their music and is freshly smitten with these saucy mouthed Southern Rock hard chargers. Looking at these pictures one can almost smell the sweat and spilled beer as Carl Dufrene and Eric Bolivar – one of the heaviest, most dexterous rhythm teams on the planet – rattle your bones to jelly as Luther’s crosscut saw buzzes against Anders’ artful machete. We weren’t at this one but Chad Edwards‘ pics sure make us feel like we were.