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Hellbound Glory

Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

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This one will knock your dick in the dirt proper. With debauchery and bad behavior running rampant this weekend, this straight off-the-floor (of some mangy crackhouse from the looks of it) version of Hank Williams Jr.’s 1979 corker comes to us courtesy of truly hot shit Southern rock band Hellbound Glory. If they handle an ol’ hand like Jr. this well one imagines they knock the living tar out of their original stuff. We consider ourselves on notice to dig in more thoroughly to these guys and so should you. Now, raise your glass to all those stoned out of their minds at closing time.

Thanks to Friend of the Impound Shooter Jennings for turning us onto this clip. Folks should check out Shooter’s ace new single, “The Deed and The Deal” (Listen) (Buy), from his forthcoming Family Man album due March 13, 2012. Coincidentally, DI Grand Poobah Dennis Cook penned the liner notes for the new album, and he can assure you it’s some of the best damn country music you’re gonna hear in the new year. Believe that.