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Let’s travel back in time to when we all wanted to be Jessie’s girl as Jonathan Coulton channels his inner Gainsbourg. We haven’t been so ear-wormed by a foreign language ditty since our youthful days popping luftballons with der kommissar. Seriously, we’re walking around DI HQ singing the chorus with a stupid grin. Here’s the English translation of the opening verse and you can read the full translation here:

Remember there was a record with a dog?
A dog that wears a tie, like a man
I mean, the dog is like a man. Not the tie.

Coulton will continue his opening slot for They Might Be Giants in February, as well as sailing on JoCo Cruise Crazy II, his own cruise ship adventure with comedy and music stylings from himself, John Hodgman, Wil Wheaton and more on the Caribbean February 19-26.

And since we brought up TMBG, here’s their jaunty, cheer-making cover of Chumbawamba’s global smash (which actually did a lot of good for striking dock workers in Liverpool – look it up if you don’t believe us).