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The Truth

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Shit howdy, what a fun, positive band. Ann Arbor-based The Macpodz have joyfully hurled their best shot across the bow with The Truth EP (released September 9), which harnesses their already-strong party instincts into sharper form without sacrificing any of their usual updraft. The first two cuts on this four-track taster show they’ve been listening close to The Meters, but the deep, album cut gold, which they’ve warped into their own thing akin to kindred spirits The New Mastersounds. Trumpeter Ross Huff blows like a man out to join Tower of Power in their early 70s Oakland heyday on “9 Lives,” and generally makes one happy for the brass in this mix. However, funky territory would be a comfortable stopping point and The Macpodz are ready to stretch here, with “Old Man” sounding like a lost Return To Forever ballad and “Bohemian Grove” finding the sweet spot between Phish and Steely Dan and hinting that these Michigan boys – rounded out by Brennan Andes (bass, vocals), Jesse Clayton (keys, vocals), Griffin Bastian (drums), and Nick Ayers (percussion/ flute/ vox) – may have a long player on par with musically robust, weirdo ready classics like Can’t Buy A Thrill and Hoist lurking in them. Their next full-length album arrives Spring 2012, and here’s the title cut to the new EP in 2D (and those with the special specs can peep the 3D version here) and you can purchase The Truth EP here.