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This is precisely the newfangled protest music DI was agitating for in our Salting The Wound essay – a riled up, border erasing roar that asks the right questions, plucks the right nerves, etc. Brooklyn-based The Mast bring spirit into a conversation that’s often mired in facts and figures with this new original, whose clip features scenes of the Occupy protests in NYC on 10/15/11. Crying, “Oh the shackles that we wear/ are paper thin and green/ and maybe we are finally tired,” this song distills a lot into a few words, and when combined with the emotion in the music and the finely chosen images in this video it has a lovely chest-swelling oomph, happy proof that music of sincerity and honest dissent need not be dull or formulaic.

Look for a new segment on Dirty Impound in 2012 titled Occupy This!, where we’ll be talking to musicians about the role of music in revolution and the Occupy Movement. The segment will also feature guest mix tapes from musicians who want to share their vision of what revolutionary/protest rock can be.

And since the baby at the start of The Mast’s video brought to mind one of DI’s favorite leftie rabblerousers, here’s a bit of vintage Billy Bragg to further kick at the pricks.