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The Staxx Brothers


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When we first met The Staxx Brothers a few years ago, wiggle-waggin’ in gold capes and looking like they’d drunk some of George Clinton’s special reserve “1975 Mothership Connection Era” blood supply at Summer Meltdown, we wouldn’t have thought a short while later we’d be using the descriptor “classy” for them. But their latest video – a field where this Seattle band makes most other competitors look like they are sleeping – and single off 2011’s dynamite Jungle Cat album (a socially conscious booty shaker extraordinaire) is classy as hell – pure stylin’ and a tune that James Brown would have put out on People Records back in the day. If there’s a hungrier young group in America Dirty Impound hasn’t met them, and the suspicion, based on Jungle Cat‘s increasingly together bounty is that one day Staxx is gonna drop a monster like Gil Scott-Heron’s Pieces of a Man or Funkadelic’s One Nation Under A Groove – a moment in time encapsulated in ways that make one dance AND think. Their awareness of what’s going on at street level, appetite for unruly guitar noise, nasty good vocal gusto, and great, obvious love for sex and humor make them uniquely qualified to carry on the funk-rock evolution begun long ago but largely ignored by anyone besides Living Colour and Fishbone. We’ll be watching attentively as they grow and grow, especially if they keep tossing out slow burning lovelies like this clip, where the oh-so-worthy, oh-so-lovely Staquelettes step into the spotlight.

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