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Jam Cruise 10

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As a rule, the musicians on Jam Cruise are serious badasses. Few things express the attitude at the core of such players like a sturdy raised middle finger. We just returned from our third time aboard this floating music festival and once again found ourselves blown away by the variety of music and sheer talent and imagination on the MSC Poesia. In this era, where ‘jam’ is a bit of a rejected word in music, Jam Cruise re-instills the goodness that comes out of improvisation and impromptu interplay, a spirit that goes back to the hot jazz of the 20s/30s, early rock ‘n’ roll, and folk music pickin’ sessions as long as instruments have been around. Jam Cruise creates a space where the heat and light of such musical interactions can shine, enjoying the hiccups and warts of such adventurousness as much as all the glowing moments they pull off. One never grows anything if they aren’t willing to get some dirt under their nails, and the musicians on Jam Cruise are some dirty motherfuckers, so to speak.

The Impound’s great thanks to those willing to join in on our ongoing gallery of hearty fuck you’s. And you can read about Jam Cruise 10 in more detail with Dennis’ daily entries over at JamBase (Prelude, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday). Most of the Free Bird shots in this gallery are from killer lensman Chad Smith with a few keepers from Brad Hodge. Pics are by Chad unless labeled otherwise. Thanks, photogs, for gathering up this cavalcade of merriment for DI. We’ll hopefully have even more “birds” to show you from Jam Cruise 11 next January!

Are you interested in giving Dirty Impound the finger? Are you in a band? Well, we wanna see whatcha you got, cowboys (and cowgirls)! Send us your birdie pics and we’ll add them to our archive and make sure folks know you cared enough to raise a middle finger for rock! Send pictures to

2 thoughts on “The Free Bird Project: Jam Cruise 10

  1. I didn’t know it until now, but I really, really needed to be flipped off by Bruce Hornsby. Thank you, Dirty Impound.

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