We'll Do It Live

Jackie Greene

01.28.12 | Santa Cruz, CA

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A couple things these shots, expertly captured last weekend at the Catalyst Club by pro lensman and DI regular Jay Blakesberg, make clear: 1) Jackie Greene is a very photogenic dude, and 2) One doesn’t need to hear a note to smell the rock ‘n’ roll funk wafting off this band. Greene and his talented, ever-more-in-tune with their leader band offer up a classic, rib-sticking sort of music, something akin to what the early 70s Dead accomplished or Little Feat in the time of Lowell George, but devoid of nostalgia, in love with something more enduring and bedrock that ties what Greene does to a larger, happy tradition without actually reproducing it in his own music. We’re gonna chat with Jackie on the Impound this year, but for now y’all can drink in the fun that went down last Saturday (and check out Jackie’s tour schedule in February and March to see if you can catch the real deal in the flesh).