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We get a good feeling from Spain’s Mirémonos, who jitter in a way that makes us think of New Order after a few triple espressos or perhaps The Cure with less whining. There’s an intensity and general aura about this young band that reminds the Impound of the good parts of the 80s nicely polished up for today. Watching this clip for their new single made us immediately devour their previous three-track EP (both of which can be downloaded for free here). There’s a pleasing earnestness to them, and they look like a bunch of quality weirdos in the video (a major plus in our book). “Mirémonos” is Spanish for “let’s look at each other” or “let’s look at ourselves,” and the words inserted with the performance footage for the single suggest they’ve got interesting things going on behind their eyes. We patiently await their full-length debut hoping they build on all the promising bits already apparent in their music.