Dear Tour Diary

Rich Robinson

2012 European Tour

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Rich Robinson & Crooked Sun are currently tooling around Europe on their first tour overseas, carving out their fan base the old fashioned way in a small van with minimal amenities. It’s refreshing to see a lifer like Robinson and his equally committed mates roll up their sleeves and do what has to be done in order to make the rock ‘n’ roll in their hearts. The work shows in the increasingly together band sound and how the songs off Rich’s latest album are evolving – all in all, a sound very different than what we’ve heard from Robinson in The Black Crowes, altogether more personal and a good deal looser, too. The group rolls into the U.K. starting tomorrow, and you can check out their full touring schedule here. One gets a strong dose of the vibe of this tour in the three tour videos they’ve shared thus far, the latest one centered on their visit to Stockholm.