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We spent most of yesterday afternoon listening to the fab new slab from Band of Skulls, and want to hip y’all to Sweet Sour, which comes out February 14th (with a special iTunes exclusive edition next Tuesday, February 7th). It’s one of those platters that feels good right away but moves with such limber seductiveness that you don’t realize how much you’ve fallen under its sway until much later. This Southhampton, England trio is ballsy and filled with confident attitude, as this Free Bird shot from DI pal Brad Hodge (captured at last year’s Bonnaroo) illustrates, but they know how to charm in subtler ways, as evidenced by the Lebowski-esque new video below. Sweet Sour is a creeper, one of those albums that slips into the cracks of one’s life and stays there.

Band of Skulls by Brad Hodge

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