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These nice young men are Vanaprasta. They are one of the most future-forward new bands we’ve encountered in a good while, a sound redolent of Radiohead, The Church and other tasty precedents. This Los Angeles-based bunch made the Impound’s Top 11 Debut Albums of 2011, and y’all really should check out Healthy Geometry when you can. San Francisco readers have a chance to check them out live tonight, February 9th, at Cafe Du Nord, where they’ll open for The Features, also a really good band worthy of yo’ ears. A new live clip from Vanaprasta below gives a small sense of their charms, though they generally crackle with an electricity that’s most 21st century. Thanks to the band for lending a “hand” to DI’s middle finger cavalcade.


“Color of Sin” by Vanaprasta from Look Sessions on Vimeo.

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