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Okay, we just plain missed a really cool album last year. We’re big enough to admit it. Thankfully, there are second chances and Horse Heaven from Philadelphia’s Creepoid, which originally came out Jannuary of 2011, is getting a wider release March 20th on No Idea Records. Added bonus: the reissue will include all four cuts from the band’s first 7-inch. After spending a solid hour being hypnotized by Horse Heaven (listen for yourself), the Impound is officially on notice to follow this band, who carry echoes of choice ancestors like Rain Parade, Nirvana and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds but knocked into contemporary form, making them kin to quality modern rockers like Dearly Beloved and The New Up – i.e. young bands with the chops, songs, style and smarts that should be rulin’ the charts if most people had any real taste. Creepoid heads out on tour in late February and March, and for now you can check out this neat, creepy clip, which makes us think of 70s dystopic sci-fi movies like Silent Running and Soylent Green.