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David Lee Roth

Ramblings of the Diamond One

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While Dirty Impound remains ambiguous about the return of Van Halen – it doesn’t feel totally legit to us without Michael Anthony – our man Ron Hart gave some love to the new album, and we’re pretty happy to see Diamond Dave holding forth again. The internet age with its myriad ways to connect and mouth off seems custom made for a man like Roth, who always seems to thrive best when there’s an audience – onstage, in the bedroom, etc. Case in point, this series of bug-fuck ramblings, ostensibly about tunes on the new album for most part but really more of a Prairie Home Companion from someone who toasted parts of their brain through epic partying for decades on end. Much of what’s said makes almost no sense but still has a whacked fortune cookie feel. Really, it seems like Dave is just glad people are listening to him again. Charlie Sheen figures in one clip, and we like the overalls as a “uniform” for this comeback. If you’re gonna shovel shit it’s good to have the right outfit. Prepare to giggle. Remember kids, as DLR remarks here, “Larceny is like hot sauce. It goes with everything.” A true fount of “good” advice is he!