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Hanni El Khatib

Fuck It. You Win.

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Knowing next to nothing about Hanni El Khatib, we picked up his bangin’ 2011 debut, Will The Guns Come Out, based on a gut feeling (and a swell $5 download deal at Amazon). The song titles caught our attention and the Red Asphalt-like cover shot also snags one’s focus. Inside, the music clatters consciously, purposeful wildness delivered with punk-blues gusto by way of Mississippi Fred McDowell, The Gun Club, Jack O’ Fire and anyone who ever thought the right way to play slide is with a rusty knife. After just a day with Will The Guns Come Out, we can already tell there’s some semiotic shit simmering below the surface, but it’s enough to just rut around in the visceral goo of this one, too. Hanni El Khatib is on tour in Europe right now, and returns to the States in April for The Highway Man Tour (dates & details here). In the meantime, press play on this keen video, which makes us want to put things in our mouth.