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Classic Vibe I

The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion

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The first Friday of each month Dirty Impound will celebrate one of our favorite albums with a mix bookended by cuts from the inspirational record and a selection of tunes that tap into the feel of the original work – lyrically, musically, attitudinally, however-ly. The goal is not to present bands that sound like the spotlight artist but to surround them with music pulsing on a kindred wavelength.

The Black Crowes in 1992

“Did you ever like a bad dream? Sometimes life is obscene.”

Red-blooded rock ‘n’ roll was in bad shape in 1992. Sure, there was Nirvana and that whole Pacific Northwest thang, but the sense was that the time of monoliths like Led Zeppelin, Cream, et al. was well behind us. And then The Black Crowes unleashed their sophomore slab, The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion. Suddenly those who’d missed out on rock’s earlier golden age had a band of our own. Following up one of the most commercially successful debuts in history, the Crowes had crafted a mission statement that’s held them in good stead ever since, a marvelous, artfully unruly, lustily urgent set that’s unflinchingly honest and ceaselessly immediate – this music unfolds right in one’s grill, a slithery lap dance from a street gang ready – hell, anxious – to throw elbows and knock some truth and beauty into a world struggling to get worked up about much of anything. Full of knots but packing rolling papers, the Crowes showed that rock’s fundamentals were in fine shape without any need to genuflect to grunge or any other momentary flavor. Southern Harmony gets at rock ‘n’ roll’s foundations, shaking its pillars to wake up the temple, an Easter Sunday kiss that blows one’s haze away.

Classic Vibe I from dirtyimpound on 8tracks.

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Classic Vibe I Track Listing

  1. Sometimes Salvation – The Black Crowes
  2. Moving Along – Lions in the Street
  3. Tell Me Something – Rival Sons
  4. Rock ‘n’ Roll Dream – AC/DC
  5. Mona Lisa and the Last Supper – The Mother Hips
  6. Penthouse Pauper – Creedence Clearwater Revival
  7. If I Wanted Someone – Dawes
  8. Twilight On The Floods – Neal Casal
  9. The Rocker – Thin Lizzy
  10. The Stars Look Down – Hoodoo Gurus
  11. Long Time Coming – The Moondoggies
  12. The Road and The Sky – Jackson Browne
  13. Darkness At The Bottom – Anders Osborne
  14. Only One – Rival Sons
  15. Let’s Get High – The Court & Spark
  16. Keep On Growing – Derek and the Dominoes
  17. Funny Word – Deer Tick
  18. Don’t Need Your Lovin’ – Night Horse
  19. My Morning Song – The Black Crowes
  20. So Long Old Bean – Devendra Banhart