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Poundings LXXVIII

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Surrender to the enveloping guitar buzz, children…

Poundings LXXVIII from dirtyimpound on 8tracks.

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Poundings LXXVIII Track Listing

  1. Do What You Want – Velvet Crush
  2. Yellow Woman – Ghosts of Jupiter
  3. The Bootleg Saint – Sam Roberts Band
  4. No Definitions – Grayson Gapps
  5. Wicked Drink – 13ghosts
  6. Savior of Time – Richmond Fontaine
  7. Fantastic Explosion of Time – Pond
  8. White Lightning Honey – The Plastic Boots
  9. My World In Wax – The Brain Police
  10. Teenage Metalhead – The New Lou Reeds
  11. Yer Blues – The Dirty Mac
  12. Getting Back To Molly – Music From Free Creek
  13. Ain’t Nobody But Me – Supertramp