We'll Do It Live

Wilco and White Denim

01.29.12 & 01.31.12 | Northern California

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Unquestionably, one of the coolest double features to hit the touring circuit in 2012 thus far was beloved comfort rockers Wilco and hard charging up & comers White Denim (who released one of DI’s favorite albums of 2011). You can catch Dennis’ full thoughts on this pairing here, but these bang-up shots from lensman extraordinaire Jay Blakesberg go a fair ways towards showing the pleasure and passion of these two bands. Captured at The Warfield in SF (1/29) and The Fox Theater in Oakland (1/31), these images ensnare the enjoyment and in-the-moment feel of the music offered up these nights. It’s a neat trick to pull off without sound but Blakesberg rolls like that.