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Balance is a good thing. While AgesandAges – one of DI’s favorite new bands – throws out bright light and color on their uplifting 2011 debut, Alright You Restless, they show off an equal knack for funereal vibes in this video premiere, the second in a monthly series of handpicked cover tunes the band will be rolling out in 2012. Bandleader Tim Perry explains why they tackled this Jay Reatard song: “We covered it because we are fans of the song and the artist. His version is awesome and fast and frantic. We wanted to convey the same feeling of darkness and utter despair, but in our own way. The shitty Portland weather, among other circumstances, made February a good month for this.” The video is directed by Jaclyn Campanaro, and altogether, this one shows that AgesandAges has fine taste and a healthy willingness to move outside of their comfort zone. We’ve included Jay’s original version for comparison purposes.