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This is enough to make Herman Melville rise from his earthly slumber and headbang along. Led Zeppelin has rarely been handled with more aplomb than instrumental interpreters Bustle In Your Hedgerow, which is comprised of Marco Benevento (keys), Joe Russo (drums), Scott Metzger (guitar) and Dave Dreiwitz (bass). These cats really get inside Zep’s material in such a loving way. Sadly, they don’t get together too often to do their Misty Mountain Hop due to their myriad other obligations. However, lucky East Coasters have a shot at seeing them this coming weekend – Friday, March 9th at Bearsville Theater in Woodstock, NY, and Saturday, March 10th at River Street Jazz Cafe in Wilkes Barre, PA. You can get in the mood by reading Joe Russo’s Gimme Some Skin entry, and here’s a show review for Bustle. In time, DI hopes to get Metzger, Dreiwitz and Benevento to do instrument questionnaires for us, too. And this clip of a recent performance shows what the Bustle boys are capable of. Somewhere Bonzo is smiling.