We'll Do It Live

Brokedown In Bakersfield / He's My Brother She's My Sister

04.13.12 | Great American Music Hall | San Francisco, CA

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Bluntly, modern country music with very few exceptions sucks it sideways, a product-minded industry that bears almost no resemblance to what Waylon, Willie, Hank and Johnny helped bring into being. Enter West Coast all-star ensemble Brokedown In Bakersfield, a bunch of Merle Haggard lovin’ sons (and daughter) of guns that do country’s forefathers right proud. Scott Law (Telecaster guitar), Nicki Bluhm (vocals), Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips (vocals, acoustic guitar), and ALO members Dan Lebowitz (pedal steel, dobro), Steve Adams (bass) and Dave Brogan (drums) don’t get to twang it up too often but when they do honky tonks everywhere swing happier. BIB recently paired up with He’s My Brother She’s My Sister – who are doing their part to make flamboyant folk pop an interesting new thang – and Bay Area club favorite Paula Frazier, and John Margaretten was there to ensnare the festivities with his camera. Just from the look of it this was a neat night of switched-on music making, and John’s pics make us want to explore what’s being played as soon as we can – a testament to his instincts and skill.