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Coke Weed


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There’s more than a touch of the hazy, shambling sway of Sun City Girls and Velvet Underground to Maine’s Coke Weed, a late night, feelin-no-pain buzz that’s psychedelic sans the bombast and too-conscious echo-manipulation. Nope, this stuff is just stoned, which befits a debut album [Nice Dreams – released April 17] birthed in a studio in a barn at Chickadee Hill, a flower farm on Mt. Desert Island. We have no idea where this place is but we get a contact high just reading the names. Speaking of names, this band’s moniker happens to be the Impound’s favorite recreational combo (and we’re usually up for a three-way if whiskey comes along…), and their quietly brazen pill poppin’ and cruisin’ around video further marks them as our kinda people [people y’all can catch on an East Coast tour that kicked off this week – dates & details here]. We hope this song is playing on a good sound system wherever Nico currently flies.