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Remember when Beck used to share lollipops with sailors and talk sexy in his tricked out Hyundai? Remember when Prince used to rock a leather g-string and play punk-funk? Well, we’re picking up some of the same appealingly strange funk-i-ness from Athens, GA’s Reptar, whose Oblangle Fizz Y’all EP became a fast fave at DI HQ after our hipper chums, well, hipped us to it. Reptar’s full-length debut Body Faucet arrives next Tuesday, May 1st (on the reliably great Vagrant label). You can listen to it now in the player below, and you can pre-order the album on iTunes (with a bonus track) over here.

Do yourself a favor and peep this bangin’ live clip captured with aplomb by our Philadelphia operative Jake Krolick a couple weeks ago when they came through Philly. Such a sweet groove, such nifty psych-touched lil’ digressions, and what a cool crowd. This band clearly puts their backs into it, and that counts for a bunch in our book. We’ll have more on Reptar and their debut in the coming weeks, too, but for now, prepare to start feeling free, f-f-free, free free, f-free. Yeah!