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Van Ghost

Modern Day Love Affair (Acoustic)

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Style, vision, appealing tunes, an abundance of raw talent and grinning passion – Chicago’s Van Ghost possesses all these traits. Where many young acts choose to distinguish themselves with wild sonic assaults or whispery retreat, Van Ghost goes after it the old fashioned way – strong songs built with universal appeal in mind delivered with polish. While still building a core fan base, this is a band ideal for big crowds, perhaps opening for say Counting Crows or the Dave Matthews Band, and showing those well-established audiences that there are folks who still excel at the same kind of craftsmanship and showmanship. It’s easier (and safer) in 2012 to hide behind veils and fog, and it’s fun to see a band so forthrightly after everybody and anybody who will listen. It’s to be hoped a few program directors in radio still have the balls to work this band into regular rotation instead of just dutifully adding only what the mainstream industry tells them to. They can enjoy bragging rights when Van Ghost breaks big one day.

Moreover, the bones of their work are very sturdy, as evidenced by this new acoustic version of one of Van Ghost’s staples. We’ve included the electric original for comparison purposes, and be sure to download their free EP over here.

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