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Few things tickle the Impound like garage dappled stomp rock performed in inappropriate outfits. So, we were simultaneously delighted both by the cool new song and the Moneybags Q. Richdude tuxedos in the latest video from Sweden’s enduring true rawk torchbearers The Hives. The tune comes from their new album, Lex Hives (arriving June 5 via the band’s own Disques Hives label), followed by a short North American tour (a longer one is planned for the fall) that begins June 19 in Washington, D.C. (see the full gig itinerary here.

And since we’re on the subject of non-rock outfits in a rawk setting, we’re including an old fave from those Louis XIV lovin’ lads The Upper Crust to further flip yo’ wigs.