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Dirty Impound considers it the civic duty of every upstanding (or downtrodden) American to get to know These United States very, very well. This is a band that reminds us the U.S. is a land of both Paul Bunyan and Wall Street, Walt Whitman and Hollywood – a great and terrible land of un-reconcilable diversity, choice and consequence. That one can sing along and caper a bit to their tunes is just a testament to their vagabond sleight of hand. The moment – the one right in front of us, happening in real time and not relayed on a media device – is central to their mojo, a point discussed in this insightful mixture of interview and performance from DI’s favorite Philadelphia son Jake Krolick, who increasingly shows his acumen at panning for gold in the music world. TUS also discusses collaborating with Trampled By Turtles and their forthcoming eponymous new album (arriving June 12th on United Interests). DI will be intertwining itself in the myth making/breaking of this latest TUS chapter, but the details of that are still forming. In the meantime, the lads are on the road again – currently opening for The Heartless Bastards – and hopefully they’ll be visiting a town near you soon. Now, press play on this great video and learn a little something about a band worth learning something about.

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  1. Saw them in Chattanooga and they instantly became my new favorite – immediately bought all 4 albums – looking forward to June’s release!

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