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The Rock Life I

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Like plays about the theatre life and films about moviemaking, rockers have a long tradition of naval gazing about their chosen profession. For the next three weeks DI will share some of our favorite ditties about touring, recording, and the other ins & outs of a rock ‘n’ roll existence. Some tunes will be familiar, some less so, and a few seemingly incongruous – Manilow? Yes, Manilow, who got WAY more ass in the 70s than you. Now, the house lights are dimming and a guitarist with a frightening Caucasian Afro steps up to usher us into our first selection…

The Rock Life I from dirtyimpound on 8tracks.

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The Rock Life I Track Listing

  1. People and Places – Journey
  2. Overnight Sensation – Imperial Drag
  3. Turn The Page – Bob Seger
  4. See The Show Again – Barry Manilow
  5. A Song For You – Leon Russell
  6. Lived In Bars – Cat Power
  7. Garden Party – Rick Nelson
  8. Ain’t No Fun (Waiting ‘Round To Be A Millionaire) – AC/DC
  9. Wanna Be A Rock & Roll Star – Eddie Money
  10. The Daze – Backyard Tire Fire
  11. Get Back On It – Brain Donor
  12. Show Biz Kids – Steely Dan
  13. Workin’ For MCA – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  14. The Rocker – Thin Lizzy
  15. Playing In The Band – Grateful Dead
  16. Rock and Roll Women – Brinsley Schwarz
  17. Same Old Sound – Roger McGuinn
  18. Des Moines – The Drams