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The Rock Life II

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The second installment in our series of mixes focused on songs about being in a band, the recording industry, and the ins & outs of the life of a rocker. We hear that love and a music man ain’t always what it’s supposed to be…

The Rock Life II (Artist Interpretation)

The Rock Life II (Artist Interpretation)

To listen to this mix pop over here. The embed from 8tracks isn’t working on the Impound right now but we wanted to share this one in our usual timely weekly manner.

The Rock Life II Track Listing

  1. Hey Mister, That’s Me Up On The Jukebox – Linda Ronstadt
  2. Denmark Street – The Kinks
  3. Show Business – Howlin Rain
  4. Progress Note – Dolly Varden
  5. Welcome To The Show – Bart Davenport
  6. You Don’t Have To Cry – Crosby, Stills & Nash
  7. Tiny Dancer – Elton John
  8. God Gave Rock and Roll To You – Argent
  9. Darling of the Underground Press – The Black Crowes
  10. Road Song – Music From Free Creek
  11. What’s Another Day of Rock ‘n’ Roll – Triumph
  12. Ballroom Blitz – Sweet
  13. It’s A Long Way To The Top (If You Want To Rock & Roll) – AC/DC
  14. Shake And Pop – Nick Lowe
  15. Star Star – The Rolling Stones
  16. Kick It In Second Wind – Jimmy Buffett
  17. They Can’t Take Away Our Music – Eric Burdon & War
  18. I’m Falling – J. Geils Band