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The first time DI heard the name Turbonegro we thought Darius James had finally written a sequel to lunatic black – on many levels – comedy Negrophobia (required reading for folks who dig charged racial commentary, Robert Downey Sr. films, and huffing ether). In fact, Turbonegro turns out to be a Norwegian growl ‘n’ roll outfit that’s been around since the early 90s, a none-too-pretty bunch of beasts that crawled out of the same garage that gave us the Stooges, Thee Headcoats and countless terrible sex acts one can read up on at Urban Dictionary. This invertebrate-riddled number comes from their ninth studio album, Sexual Harassment (released June 13 through Volcom Entertainment), which based on our cursory examination should inspire binge drinking, blackout fucking and other quality rock pastimes. We’ll raise an Aass Bock to that!