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Poundings LXXXIX

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Poundings continues to focus on cool new music that’s come out in 2012 (as well as some deserving, under-sung gems from 2011) that you aren’t hearing on the radio, seeing videos for on cable, or hearing about from the major tastemaker blogs/sites. This is just a taste but we can assure you the full albums from these artists deliver on one’s attentions in a really satisfying way. Do yourself (and these working musicians) a favor and delve deeper if your curiosity is peaked. And DI will help in this regard with interviews, questionnaires and more from many of the artists here. Keep coming back and we’ll keep the conversation lively.

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Poundings LXXXIX Track Listing

  1. It May Be Too Late – Lucero
  2. You Reel Me In – Penelope Houston
  3. Ain’t Feelin’ It – Jimbo Mathus
  4. The Confession of Georgie E – Cowboy Junkies
  5. Forget The Song – Beachwood Sparks
  6. Hoping Machine – New Multitudes
  7. Accidental Thief – Matt The Electrician
  8. The Missionfield – Drunken Prayer
  9. Browder Holler Boy – Chelle Rose
  10. Mind of a Junkie – Anders Osborne
  11. Remember The Taker – The Steepwater Band
  12. Leisure Pony – Pond
  13. Cut The Rope – Steve Barton