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Poundings LXXXVIII

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For the next few weeks, Poundings will focus on cool new music that’s come out in 2012, especially the stuff you aren’t hearing on the radio, seeing videos for on cable, or hearing about from the major tastemaker blogs/sites. Anyone who dumbly claims, “There’s no good music coming out,” is simply lazy. It’s out there and DI is ALWAYS sniffing out the truffles for you, kids.

Listen to this mix by popping over here.

Embeds from 8tracks.com still not working. We’ll be looking into a new source for our mix player soon. In the meantime, thanks for clicking over.

Poundings LXXXVIII Track Listing

  1. So Sweet To Be Back – These United States
  2. Warring Arms – Through The Sparks
  3. Hundred Miles – The Congress
  4. Maps – Jessica Lurie Ensemble
  5. Young Man In America – Anais Mitchell
  6. Whoa Back – Water Liars
  7. Moving – John Fullbright
  8. Back Porch – The True Spokes
  9. Haunted – Kelly Hogan
  10. Caught Me Thinking – Bahamas
  11. River Boat – The Soft Hills
  12. Letter – Everest
  13. Take It Light – Peasant