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Poundings XC

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More recent rock worth your time, money and enthusiasm, along with a lil’ punctuation from David Jo and his mascara mob because it’s never wrong to show the Dolls some love. Hard on the ends with a wee dance party middle – press play for good times.

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Poundings XC Track Listing

  1. Rattler’s Revival – The Toadies
  2. Blossoms From Boils – Split Cranium
  3. Board Up The House – Baroness
  4. Molochwalker – The Mars Volta
  5. Brats – Liars
  6. Easy Fix – K. Flay
  7. Kiss Me Crazy – Bear In Heaven
  8. In The Land of Silver Souls – Capsula
  9. Bayou Juju – Wo Fat
  10. Tight Jeans, Loose Leash – Turbonegro
  11. Soliloquy – Riverboat Gamblers
  12. Brace Yourself – Ceremony
  13. Wiped Out – OFF!
  14. Idaho – Antioquia
  15. Trash – New York Dolls