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Brought To You By The Letter…A

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The Impound has been organizing its music archives, and we hit upon the idea of sharing tunes we dig in an alphabetical way. So, for the next few months we’ll be working our way from A-Z with a 15-track installment each week that includes bands/artists from a single letter.

Our “A” selections include high energy, psych-dappled keepers from Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound and Akron/Family, some Krautrock, a spot of classic rock, a Crazy Horse-esque gem from the Scott Amendola Band that features guitarists Nels Cline (Wilco) and Jeff Parker (Tortoise), and a closing trio of under-sung acts that all deserved more listeners before they disbanded. We begin with a big, wet, cherry-lipped kiss (and you can watch the sexy hula hoop ‘n’ hips video for this Archie Bronson Outfit growler below).

Listen to this mix HERE.

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Brought To You By The Letter…A Track Listing

  1. Cherry Lips – Archie Bronson Outfit
  2. Wrong – Archers of Loaf
  3. Ears & Eyes – Audacity
  4. Sunshine – Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound
  5. Wolf City – Amon Düül II
  6. Blessing Force – Akron/Family
  7. Buffalo Bird Woman – Scott Amendola Band
  8. Hallowed Be My Name – Alice Cooper
  9. Silent Circle – Acid King
  10. Clarion – Antietam
  11. Live Wire – AC/DC
  12. Thunder and Lightning – Argent
  13. Stuntman – Alfie
  14. Happy In My Pants – Absinthe
  15. Fishsounds – Arnold