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Honey Island Swamp Band

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Continuing our recent Bird gathering from Outside Lands in San Francisco, we bring you this impromptu crowd shot by Josh Miller of the Honey Island Swamp Band. After knocking out a fine start of the day set on Saturday, the band hung around to see more music. We find this an commendable trait in bands, a sign they are still fans who enjoy music from both sides of the stage. Honey Island describes themselves as “Bayou Americana,” and DI found a good sized crowd diggin’ their barroom boogie meets Little Feat vibe early in the day. These guys are true road warriors, and they’re probably coming to a town near you before too long. Check out their tour dates here. We hope you folks are enjoying We Give A Fuck Week at the Impound.

Honey Island Swamp Band by Josh Miller

Honey Island Swamp Band by Josh Miller

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