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Stephanie Finch and The Company Men


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In all our years riding BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit), DI has never encountered music in the stations nearly this intoxicating or downright adorable (we’re suckers for pigtails on city smart ladies). Usually it’s bongos, atrocious Nirvana & Cat Stevens covers on out of tune acoustic guitars, and other twaddle that only makes one dread mass transit as a land of panhandling lunatics. Put plainly, Stephanie Finch and her Company Men – Chuck Prophet (guitar, bass, vocals, drums), Rusty Miller (bass, piano, drums, vocals) and Kelley Stoltz (drums, piano, guitar, vocals) – mine a vein of pop-rock that used to be the benchmark in the 60s and even through AM radio in the 70s, and they do so without making it sound like a stupid retro nostalgia thing. If y’all haven’t checked out Finch’s bang-up 2011 album Cry Tomorrow, then get on it, and send DI a thank you note after you do. Here’s the latest video from the album, which handily furthers how smitten the Impound is with Finch.