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Fall 2012 Snappy Mix

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The Seasonal Mix Series is an inquiry in song about where we stand as the weather changes and the calendar pages leaf by.

Autumn is often when one’s thoughts turn to the greyer aspects of one’s life, a time of reckoning with the clinging might-have-beens and wish-we-had-hadn’t moments that one puts on in the morning with their clothes. The notion of “falling” is inherent in this season’s more common contemporary name, and being human, sometimes we want to stay down when we hit the ground hard. But it’s in the getting back up, the pulling one’s self from these states where we find our true metal. As one of DI’s favorite new bands of 2012, Field Report, observes here, “A bird in the hand is worthless if you’re too scared.” May we all be wise enough to recognize such creatures, and brave enough to ride their wings when they are close to us this autumn – which coincidentally officially begins on September 22nd.

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Fall 2012 Snappy Mix Track Listing

  1. Easy – The Stone Foxes
  2. Forever – Bryan Elijah Smith
  3. Shut It Tight – T-Bone Burnett
  4. Happy Mediums – Sam Phillips
  5. Blow Ins – Bell X1
  6. Goldie Hawn – Butane Variations
  7. I Have Brought Fire – 13ghosts
  8. Hoping Machine – New Multitudes
  9. Mojo Pin – Jeff Buckley
  10. Orpheus – David Sylvian
  11. Funny But Free- Alan Semerdjian
  12. Another Grey Morning – James Taylor
  13. Taking Alcatraz – Field Report
  14. I’m In A Bad Way – The Bond Brothers
  15. If You’re Willing – Penelope Houston
  16. Can’t Hold Me Back – Brothers and Sisters
  17. Closer To Water – Two Dark Birds
  18. Faith – Marillion