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Brought To You By The Letter…E

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The Impound has been organizing its music archives, and we hit upon the idea of sharing tunes we dig in an alphabetical way. So, for the next few months we’ll be working our way from A-Z with a 15-track installment each week that includes bands/artists from a single letter.

Our “E” assortment includes double shots from the uber-influential Brian Eno and modern day chooglin’ masters Endless Boogie as well as intriguing effervescence from Eels, Erland & The Carnival and more.

Listen to this mix HERE. Track listing below.

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Brought To You By The Letter…E Track Listing

  1. I Wish, I Wish – Erland & The Carnival
  2. Kurt’s Rejoinder – Brian Eno
  3. Mother Whale Eyeless – Brian Eno
  4. The Surface of Things – Early Day Miners
  5. Someone Else’s Dollar – The End of the World
  6. Mind Down – Ex Norwegian
  7. Ownerless – Everest
  8. Smoking Figs In The Yard – Endless Boogie
  9. Top Dollar Speaks His Mind – Endless Boogie
  10. Gentleman – Eddy Current Suppression Ring
  11. My Beloved Monster (Live In Tennessee) – Eels
  12. Riding – Espers
  13. Waterfall – Electric Light Orchestra