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Echoes From Sunset Canyon II

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Further dispatches from a West Coast place that doesn’t exist but feels real anyway – the anthems of an invisible city where the sunsets are gorgeous, melancholy is strong, and golden brown beauties make one ache in ways one never imagined possible. The road and the spaces between us move within this mix, reminding us of a Robert Bly verse where one “eats distance and silence” before one “grows long wings, enters the spiral, and ascends.” But, even if one soars alone at least they’ve taken to the sky…

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Echoes From Sunset Canyon II Track Listing

  1. A Right Long – Poco
  2. Crawl – Stoney Clove Lane
  3. Be Kind To Me – Bread
  4. Earlybird – The Eagles
  5. Morning Train – Jonathan Edwards
  6. For The Turnstiles – Neil Young
  7. We Don’t Talk Of Lovin’ Anymore – Chris Darrow
  8. The Road – Danny O’Keefe
  9. Jesus In ¾ Time – John David Souther
  10. Cortez The Killer – Carrie Rodriguez with Tim Easton
  11. Late For The Sky (KCRW version) – Jackson Browne
  12. Short Leash – Johnny Irion
  13. The Wind – Brothers and Sisters
  14. Bar The Door, Davy – The Court & Spark
  15. Taken At All – Crosby Stills & Nash
  16. Lady Rain – Hall & Oates
  17. Tomorrow’s Sky – Neal Casal
  18. Dreamin’ – The Donkeys
  19. If I Knew – Tim Hardin
  20. Loose Ends – Dan Fogelberg

One thought on “Mix Tape: Echoes From Sunset Canyon II

  1. Cook – Great Mix!! I esspecially dug the section between Neil Young and the cover of Young’s Cortez The Killer – nice sandwich of tunes in there

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