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Umphrey's McGee's Jefferson Waful

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Face it, the folks behind the scenes never get the same attention, fan love, etc. as the people onstage windmilling guitars and bashing a drum kit to cinders. But it doesn’t mean the busy operators in the shadows are any less essential to the overall enterprise, and that’s abundantly clear in the case of Umphrey’s McGee Lighting Designer/Director Jefferson Waful, whose nimble fingered poetry is a key part of the dextrous muscle that makes Umph really leap and soar in concert. The Impound finds Waful’s skillz pretty devastating in the best ways, an experience that writes emotions and ideas in impermanent waves. So, we offer the Free Bird spotlight to one of our favorite wizards behind the curtain in a shot courtesy of great DI chum Chad Smith.

Jefferson Waful by Chad Smith

Jefferson Waful by Chad Smith

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