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Grimace Federation

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No, not a troop dedicated to the old McDonald’s mascot, Grimace Federation is a thickly muscled instrumental trio whose sound reminds Dirty Impound of much missed Om Trio mingled with the heavier snarl of Pelican and the prog stomp of early Rush. In short, you can nod your head to it but tune in even a little to the musicianship and melody on display and you’re likely to be impressed. Jake Krolick, who brings us this highlight reel from the band’s recent residency at Philadelphia’s Kung-Fu Necktie, says, ” I really enjoyed the all-over-the-map vibe these guys pushed out to the crowd, not afraid to pull from a multitude of genres.” Well put. As with most artists Krolick brings to the Impound table, we know already we need to dig in further with Grimace Federation.