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Brought To You By The Letter…H

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The Impound is working our way from A-Z with a choice selection each week that includes bands/artists from a single letter.

Our “H” assortment begins shiftless in the 50s with The Hold Steady and winds through bucolic rock from Incredible String Band’s Mike Heron, Heart and the great Roy Harper, as well as nods to great contemporary bands like Howlin Rain and The Habit next to primo vintage fare from Richie Havens, Tom T. Hall and enduring DI love Robyn Hitchcock. This is an especially great letter in our library so we super sized this edition. Just doing our part to keep your ears pricked towards the right stuff…

Listen to this mix HERE. Track listing below.

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Brought To You By The Letter…H Track Listing

  1. Positive Jam – The Hold Steady
  2. Cherokee Werewolf – Howlin Rain
  3. Ride – Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians
  4. Cherishing The Lonesome – Roy Harper
  5. I Pick Notes From The Sky – Gary Higgins
  6. Soul of the Sea >
  7. Dreamboat Annie – Heart
  8. Crystallia Daydream – John Hartford
  9. Flowers of the Forest – Mike Heron
  10. When The Morning Comes – Hall & Oates
  11. This Morning – Justin Hayward
  12. To Sir With Love – Susanna Hoffs
  13. Younger Men Grow Older – Richie Havens
  14. She Fell Into My Arms – Ed Harcourt
  15. I Like Beer – Tom T. Hall
  16. Knockando – Michael Hurley
  17. Remember My Markings – James William Hindle
  18. Not Brooklyn – The Habit
  19. No No Baby – James Husband
  20. Rise Above The Weather – Jeff Hart & The Ruins