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Snack Time V

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When we were young, radio was a blessing, something one turned on to find a smile, a comforting shoulder, or just a nifty tune that made the world shine a bit brighter for a few minutes. Those days – very sadly – are largely past with the commercial radio programming of today, but we at Dirty Impound like to conjecture what a better radio world might sound like. Our fifth installment in this daydream offers Beatles covers, Richard Thompson tackling a Squeeze hit, fresh new talent right at the top, and more with ample nods to the 70s AM radio magnificence of our youth.

Listen to this mix HERE. Track listing below.

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Snack Time V Track Listing

  1. Self Indulgent Feeling – Vanaprasta
  2. Angel Fix – Through The Sparks
  3. True Stories – Crackerjack Highway
  4. Messing With My Head – Tinted Windows
  5. What You Want – The Wannadies
  6. Fox On The Run – Sweet
  7. I Can’t Take It – Badfinger
  8. Got To Get You Into My Life – Green Pajamas
  9. Too Many Movies – Michael Shelley
  10. Flat Tire – The Rosewood Thieves
  11. Lollipop Train – The Grass Roots
  12. Down On My Knees – Bread
  13. Bigmouth Strikes Again – The Smiths
  14. Reuben – Cathy Davey
  15. Fuck You – Lily Allen
  16. Wild Honey Pie – The Suppliers
  17. I’ve Just Got To Tell You – Dr. Dog
  18. I Think I Love You – The Partridge Family
  19. Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow) – The Monkees
  20. Nice To Be With You – Gallery
  21. Needles And Pins – Smokie
  22. Oh Maria – Sam Roberts Band
  23. When I Write The Book – Rockpile
  24. Tempted – Richard Thompson
  25. Getting Better – Fionn Regan