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Winter 2012 Snappy Mix

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The Seasonal Mix Series is an inquiry in song about where we stand as the weather changes and the calendar pages leaf by.

Screw being jolly, we’re embracing the cold ache of time and history that creeps into one’s bones with winter’s arrival. The solstice doesn’t officially arrive until December 21st this year but with all the storms – figurative and literal – raging around the world and in our own lives it seemed right to share this leeching tonic a few weeks early, a small reminder that it’s okay to be sad, to have regrets, to wonder what could have been done different but make sure to hold onto the sure knowledge that eventually the sun will shine again no matter how rain presently falls.

Listen to this mix HERE. Track listing below.

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Winter 2012 Snappy Mix Track Listing

  1. Career (No Such Thing as Rock ‘n’ Roll) – Down ‘n’ Outz
  2. One Hundred Thousand Smiles Out – Barclay James Harvest
  3. This Is Not A Song – Islands
  4. Made-Up Dreams – Built To Spill
  5. Talk About The Passion – R.E.M.
  6. Eventually – The Phoenix Foundation
  7. A Pillow of Winds – Pink Floyd
  8. Because – Martin John Henry
  9. Crucifiction Lane – Procol Harum
  10. Let The Good Things Come – David Gray
  11. Time and Tide – Paul Kelly
  12. When I Was In My Prime – Pentangle
  13. The End of the Rainbow – Richard & Linda Thompson
  14. Coal – Michael Penn
  15. Superstitions Mine – Sammy Walker
  16. Sometimes Love – Rosie Thomas
  17. Free Will and Testament – Robert Wyatt
  18. I Miss You (2 Meter Sessies version) – Randy Newman