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This Friday night, November 9, in SF, Impound favorites Delta Spirit will play the first of two shows with Los Angeles-based garage punks Fidlar [the second shared gig is November 12th in Salt Lake City, UT).

DI didn’t know a thing about Fidlar but quickly got schooled with some web investigation, discovering that their name is an acronym for “Fuck It Dog Life’s A Risk” and their music is a fitting soundtrack to that snarling motto, paeans to getting wrecked, skateboarding and generally sucking all the marrow there is to be slurped down in this rough, weird world. We fell in love after just a few songs, smitten with their bite and succinct attack – reminds our old heart of pre-Tim Replacements mixed with the tear-it-up, weed stoked greatness of the Zero Boys and massive party balls of early Joan Jett and the Blackhearts – and the bare bones yet utterly effective video mojo they exhibit.

We’re getting to The Fillmore early enough to catch them this Friday and we’ll report back next week about what went down. Just based on this cursory look, it’s not hard to see how Fidlar is a band worthy of a rowdy ass, mildly possessed cult following that sports prison tattoo quality inscriptions of the band’s name on their bodies. Given the guitar smashing antics of Delta Spirit we caught at High Sierra Music Festival in July, we’re gonna wear clothes we don’t mind getting splashed with booze and blood as we get knocked around by folks half our age. Rock ‘n’ roll really will keep you young…sometimes. And we also thought it fitting to offer this selection of binge debauchery anthems on the last day we know for sure we’re gonna have a president who drinks alcohol come 2013. Chug ’em while you can, kids!

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