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Came Out Of A Lady (Live In Philadelphia)

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Since a new year is just about to be born, we felt the timing was right to share this live corker from DI super-faves Rubblebucket. Once again, our man in Philly Jake Krolick delivers the video goods in this swinging slice of fun from The Blockley. Thanks to Rubblebucket for consistently kicking ass in concert, to Krolick for his increasingly deft videography skills, and to The Blockley’s Jesse Soifer for the quality sound on this clip.

Oh, SF Bay Area readers should mark their calendars for Saturday, February 9, 2013, when Rubblebucket will headline the annual Cosmic Love Ball, which also features FODI (Friends of Dirty Impound) Materialized. DI will be in the house, probably dressing freaky ’cause we don’t wanna stick out amongst the costumed, backfield-in-motion hordes. Considering sporting that get-up Bootsy is rockin’ on the inside sleeve of Parliament’s Aqua Boogie but it’s so hard to find quality fur cowboy chaps these days.