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Leland Sundries

Apparition (Live In NYC)

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Lately, we’ve been focusing a lot on what rocked our world last year, but Dirty Impound is equally dedicated to pointing y’all towards the good stuff coming down the pipeline. Leland Sundries is one of our favorite emerging young acts. Singer-songwriter-guitarist Nick Loss-Eaton moves everything with unforced grace, the words and melodies flecked with interesting notions and small touches that linger. With a couple fine EPs so far [read about them here & here], it’s clear something cool is building with this band. And apparently they’re charmers live, too, based on this clip DI is happy to premiere. Also, make a point of popping over to Leland Sundries’ Facebook Page to like the band (and thus keep up on their doings) as well as score some free downloads!