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The Stone Foxes

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The Stone Foxes by Staci DeGagne

The Stone Foxes by Staci DeGagne

Feel – the vibe in the muscles and bones – of rock is WAY more important than is often acknowledged. It’s the essential intangible that separates the real deals from the wannabes, and San Francisco’s The Stone Foxes have got feel to spare. Drop the needle on their fan-tab-u-lous third album, Small Fires (released February 12), and a musk that’s right and a lil’ rough pours from the speakers. This is music with a hunter’s eye and a lover’s hip roll, though it’s tussling and tangling that absorbs the lads on this latest slab more than tail chasing and good times. Makes sense in these divided, fractious times that the thoughts of even young men such as these should turn to denser, thornier topics. Captured with producer Doug Boehm (Girls, The Vines, Dr. Dog), Small Fires is a tipping point in the band’s evolution, a melding of the exceeding charm of their earlier work with something deeper and ultimately even more promising for what waits in the future, a wider range of emotions and moods on display and all of it handled with increasing skill and quality instincts. Really, nothing but good things to say about this band.

However, these Foxes have been as carnal as they come, so we asked drummer, singer, harmonica player and all around bundle of energy Shannon Koehler – whose nicknames include Mr. Marmot, Paddy, Charlie Meatloaf, and Big Thumb – to tackle the Impound’s saucy seven.

Favorite dirty word or expression?

Rump Bumper (Spence and I made that one up, or at least we think we did.)

One of the grossest things I’ve encountered while touring is…

A 70-year-old woman with one tooth came up to me after a show and asked me to sign her sweater puppets. Not cool.

Besides sex and drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, what does a mind and body need?

Ice cream!

A filthy song I love is…

“Makin’ Whoopee” by Ray Charles off of his live record. (Check it out here)

Groupie love – good, bad, scary or what?

One time, a girl came up to me and said, “Your harmonica playing was….orgasmic!” And I said, “…thank you?” Groupies are the scary ones. It’s the normal ones that want to talk about something other than music that are intriguing!

Which would make you feel most unclean?

-Having your music used in a montage in a Kate Hudson/Sandra Bullock-style date movie
-Having it show up in the background of a celebrity sex tape
-Having it used to market erectile dysfunction medications

If any music that I was a part of ended up in an erectile dysfunction medication ad, I would go into hiding due to shame, and never show my face in public ever again! Unclean, indeed!

One of my favorite dirty ass rock ‘n’ roll bands is…

Spinal Tap has to be the filthiest band to ever live. “Talk about mud flaps, my girls got ’em.”